The UdeC Department of Oceanography brings together marine biology and IBMA graduates for the 43rd Marine Science Congress

Organized by the Environmental Liaison Committee of the Department of Oceanography (Twelve) of the University of Faculty of Natural Sciences and Oceanography of the University of ConcepcionThe first University of Cape Town Alumni Reunion was held, an event that brought together male and female graduates of undergraduate programmes. Marine biology And Engineering in marine biotechnology and aquaculture (IBMA), held within the framework of the 43rd Marine Science Congress and is part of the anniversary activities to establish the courses that will celebrate their 50th and 20th anniversary respectively in 2024.

This initiative is part of the VRIM project “Alumni-Doce: Strengthening the two-way link between alumni, students and academics of the Department of Oceanography” of the University’s Competitive Funds. Vice Rector for Environment Communication.

In the example, a brief survey was applied to graduates of Marine Biology and IBMA to collect concerns and learn about their experience within the University of Concepcion and to find out what they are currently doing, generating examples of conversation between different generations of professionals, which will allow us to analyze their responses and thus further strengthen the recent creation of a network Alumni Doc.

The survey application included questions about continuing graduate studies, the productive sector, and the field of work, and highlighted the difficulties in finding a job related to the field of study, skills, and graduation file in both professions, among other questions.

“One of the main interests is to know the impressions of our graduates, included in different fields of work, through this tool which hopes to collect relevant information that allows to design a two-way cooperation plan between graduates and academics, academics and DOCE students that encourages “the creation and maintenance of professional social networks,” he explains. Coordinator of the DOCE UdeC Liaison Committee, Dr. Alejandra Llanos Rivera.

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At the event, a presentation was also given by Alumni Doce, whose lines of work are to promote communication spaces, support the creation of networks and mutual opportunities, and facilitate integration and professional development, through activities and initiatives such as the Career and Entrepreneurship Fair and the IU Mentor Network.

“We congratulate the Department of Oceanography on the initiative to create its alumni network through the link project, which we believe will constitute a milestone in the relationship with its graduates, strengthening its relationships with them, supporting them in their professional development, knowing their needs and directing everything that specialists can contribute with their skills and experience, whether in Their career or at university “Alumni should be a network, and we believe this initiative contributes to that, so you can count on our full support,” said UdeC Alumni and Institutional Relations Manager, Moira Delano Urrutia.

From the Department of Oceanography, an invitation is extended to the community of professionals in marine science professions, alumni of the University of Concepcion, to fill out the contact form available on their website.

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