Women scientists will be honored in Paris

The past three years have been a challenge to science in the world, we are facing the consequences of climate change and hundreds of thousands of deaths from a pandemic that is not yet over; And in the front lines of the battle, women made room for themselves and now this work is increasingly recognized.

The week of June 20 will be devoted to making Paris a rallying point for some of the world’s leading scientific minds. On June 23, the L’Oréal Foundation and UNESCO will celebrate 45 of them, from more than 35 countries and from all regions of the world.

The L’Oréal-UNESCO International Prize for Women in Science Awards Ceremony will take place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, where a series of events will create interactions between eminent women scientists, including the Extraordinary Congress at the Academy of Sciences and networking events, prior to the award ceremony at UNESCO on the 23rd.

There will be 15 female scientists from different regions of the world who will receive the L’Oréal and UNESCO International Prizes for Women in Science, in recognition of their scientific achievements in recent years, along with 30 young scientists selected in 2020 and 2022, who will be awarded the title of International Rising Talent.

against marginalization

According to recent data from UNESCO, the number of women pursuing scientific careers shows a slight increase. He points out that only one female researcher out of every three female researchers worldwide; Only 14%2 of Europe’s top academic positions are held by women and only 4% of the Nobel Prizes in Science have been awarded to women.

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“Many of the emerging female talents celebrated this year are in areas that will be vital to decarbonizing our future, such as energy storage systems, hydrogen fuel systems and quantum optics, an area of ​​study that paves the way for more energy-efficient computers. However, the Many of their peers working in similar strategic areas do not receive the recognition they deserve.UNESCO, as the United Nations agency responsible for science, which has made gender equality a priority, is determined to work towards ending these inequalities.Shamila Nair Bidwill said, Deputy Director of UNESCO, The L’Oréal-UNESCO Association for Women in Science is a fitting example of positive action in this field, giving voice and visibility to women scientists and their achievements to meet the challenges of our century.” General for Natural Sciences, in a joint statement by L’oréal and UNESCO.

Alexandra Balt, L’Oréal’s Director of Corporate Responsibility and Director of the L’Oréal Foundation, said women scientists are essential, but often face “tremendous obstacles” as a result of systemic barriers, unconscious bias, self-censorship and discrimination. “For research to be relevant, it must be comprehensive and need to mobilize all of its talents.”

Shamila Nair Badawil
Deputy Director of UNESCO for the Natural Sciences
“UNESCO, as the United Nations agency responsible for science, is determined to work towards ending inequality”

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