With new medical school guidance, according to MSP . sources

The information was unofficially disclosed to this medium.

Dr.. Carlos the candidate for the presidency of the College of Medical Surgeons with his formula. Photo: Dr. Carlos Diaz campaign poster.

MSP full credit sources confirm that there is a new president of the College of Medical Surgeons, in the character of a cardiologist, Dr. Carlos Diaz.

According to the source, the cardiologist was able to outperform polling stations in San Juan, Mayaguez and Caguas over his opponent, Dr. Roberto Perez Neves, who won very few votes in his native Arecibo, but comfortably in the city. Ponce, where he maintains his practice as a plastic surgeon.

Similarly, Dr. Alicia Filiberti, an emergency medicine specialist who was the vice-chair’s formula for Dr. Diaz, prevailed over the incumbent, Dr. Victor Ramos, who in turn appeared on Dr. Perez Neves’ ballot as his vice-chair.

The elections to the College of Medical Surgeons of Puerto Rico took place under strong accusations of running the institution, the situation with the medical plan, and a campaign based on reference to alleged administrative mismanagement. Basically, the action plan proposed by both candidates was similar.

The victory, which the cardiologist obtained, according to our sources, cuts eight years for pediatrician Victor Ramos at the head of the entity, which made him not only the youngest president but also the person who managed the destinies of the university. An organization that cares for the interests of doctors and was established in 1994.

MSP sources report that Dr. Diaz is in a conciliatory mood on the advice of Dr. Alicia Filiberti, who participated during the vote with Dr. Ramos Otero in a friendly and respectful manner.

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It is estimated that only approximately 1,123 votes participated, out of about 10,000 medical practitioners in Puerto Rico.