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What is the best Chilean movie? And one from Madagascar? A person from Spain will definitely surprise you…

Decades ago, he was barely seen world cinema in our country, and by extension in most parts of the world, with the exception of film festivals.

In major theaters or on TV. It was almost exclusively released Local, American or English films. Thankfully, that has changed thanks to the festivals themselves, the opening of Hollywood, and platforms like Netflix, all must be said. Who would have imagined that a Korean series like El Juego del Calamar would win in Spain?

It is normal nowadays to watch an Iranian or Nepalese movie on TV, and this begs the question: What is the best movie in every country in the world?

the web rave reviews searched Best movie from 227 countries on the International Movie Database (IMDb), The largest movie database in the world. The result is obtained with the votes of the users, through the approved platforms, such as the cinemas themselves.

In some countries, the winner is completely predictable. For example in United State the best movie life sentence (The Shawshank Redemption), by degree 9.3. It’s a movie that typically appears in the top five on almost any list.

But in other countries, the highest rated movie is surprising. For example in United kingdom that it Absolute resourcefulness (The Prestige), degree 8.5. at Italia legendary western The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (8.5) and in France, The Untouchables (8.5). This is the corresponding part of the map for Europe:

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at Spain The highest rated movie on IMDb is… Klaus, the 2019 animated film, Directed and written by Sergio Pablos, an alternative vision of the Santa Claus story.

The film won 7 Annie Awards, which are the Academy Awards for Animation, including Best Picture, and It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2020, This would definitely win one from Disney or Pixar, without looking at it… You can currently watch Klaus on netflix.

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The map hides many other surprises. for example, There are countries that are not good at cinema at all.

The highest rated movie MonacoAnd not suitableHe has a note… 4. And although it is not a country as such, the Tarek mountain that it instant justiceWith 4.3. The title doesn’t promise much anymore…

What is the highest rated movie in the world? It is not North America, nor Europe, nor South America. Not even Chinese, Japanese and Korean. that it… Life: Admiralmovie about Mongolia which has a degree of near perfection: 9.8.

You can refer to the map in high resolution in this link.

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