With medical conferences IMSS strengthens the recovery of regular services

From July 5 to 11, 839 surgeries, 33 thousand 553 family medicine consultations and 6 thousand 541 specialist consultations were performed, as well as two corneal transplants.

In 19 governmental representations of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) and five highly specialized medical units (UMAE), various medical services were carried out from 5 to 11 July in family medicine, specialist consultations and surgery to advance the recovery strategy of regular medical services.

In this period, 839 surgeries, 33 thousand 553 consultations in family medicine, six thousand 541 specialties, as well as two corneal transplants were performed in Baja California Sur.

In addition, 6,164 mammograms, 5,512 clinical breast examinations, 9,488 detections of diabetes, 11,222 arterial hypertension, and 2,907 cervical cancer examinations were performed. These are exceptional measures in addition to the normal operation of hospital medical units of the three levels of care.

To restore care reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the main surgical interventions performed were thoracic, cardiovascular, general surgery, ophthalmology, tubal dysplasia, urology and vasectomy.

The greatest demand for care is found in the disciplines of general surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, oncology, traumatology, orthopedics and urology.

At the IMSS representation in Southern Mexico City, I have held specialist consultation sessions at the second level of care in dermatology, pulmonology and orthopedics, especially spine, pediatrics, pelvis and thoracic.

In Chihuahua and Colima, the Conference on Ophthalmology and the Timely Detection of Chronic Degenerative Diseases at the First Level of Care was held.

At the UMAE Hospital de Especialidades del Bajío, mammography, thoracic surgery, ophthalmology, oncology and fracture surgery, orthopedics, otolaryngology, neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, proctology and urology as well as hemodynamic and vascular surgery treatments are performed. Five cardiac catheterization operations and a pacemaker.

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The Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopedics in Monterey has performed two hip surgeries and three trauma surgeries. A morning and evening office was set up to care for 36 patients and 15 surgeries were performed, five of which were pediatric orthopedics, two were hip, two were knee, six were plastic surgeries, four were arthroscopic, one spinal surgery and one operation. Three of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

At UMAE Oncology Hospital del Centro Medico Nacional (CMN) Siglo XXI, an ambulatory chemotherapy room opened Saturday to address delays in the application of chemotherapy.

In the development of the conference, the grass-roots and trusted staff participated, with the main goal of focusing attention on the patient, ensuring medical care, health and full access to social security.

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