It captures the moment a beach in the UK begins to shine: video

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Penmon Point on Anglesey, an island off the northwest coast of Wales, is a viewing point Plankton Bioluminescent, a phenomenon that leaves the sea glowing a brilliant blue and attracts hundreds of spectators every year in the hope of witnessing a gift from nature, however, it is not easy to see.

Only those who persevere and cultivate patience will be able to see the sea as they have never seen it before. One of them is self-made photographer Gareth Moon Jones, who has been taking pictures for seven years and recently وم He was able to capture the “glow-in-the-dark” sea On Anglesey Beach, near Penmon Point Lighthouse (Llangefni).

The man, a commercial heating engineer, settled on the beach with camera gear ready to capture the action: “I love nature and all the phenomena it has to offer.”

When he succeeded, Gareth boasted, “I’ve captured one of nature’s rarest, but also beautiful, phenomena: bioluminescent plankton.”

Why do some beaches shine?

This remarkable phenomenon is caused by bioluminescent plankton algae that contain a chemical called luciferin, which glows when it comes in contact with oxygen.

It happens when the algae detects rough movements in the water, senses danger and reacts by releasing this shiny substance to get the fish’s attention to take care of any potential crustaceans they want to kill.

As a result, the sea water turns a brilliant electric blue color that can be seen from about 100 meters from the shore.


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