Will WhatsApp ban you if you don’t accept the new terms on May 15th?

The Facebook-owned platform explained this in detail Accounts of people who do not accept the terms of use will not be deleted s It will also not reduce the functionality of the app next week.

Hinge Which provides internet users currently with more information about the changes, so that they can review and accept them.

After several weeks have passed, the reminder that users receive will always be.It is to explain.

The platform also revealed, after several weeks, Those that did not support the update “You will find limited functions in WhatsApp.”.

Although affected people will be able to respond to incoming calls, video calls, or messages, They will not have direct access to your chat list.

However, Several weeks later Limited functionality, these users They will also not be able to receive incoming calls or notifications And he warned that WhatsApp would stop sending messages and calls to their phones.

The company has not revealed exactly when these restrictions will start, but it has confirmed that they will not affect all users at the same time. Users will be able to restore all services that accept the new privacy policy.

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