Will there be drones hitting the towels at the US Open? | …

Organizers US Open Tennis ChampionshipsA surprise announcement on social media. At a time when the Coronavirus pandemic and social distancing were marked, they announced on Twitter with an initiative Use drones to deliver towels to the players.

To do this, they put together a video uploaded to Bird Network, where you see how a drone delivers a towel to the Spaniard. Raphael Nadal. Of course, the suggestion was nothing more than a joke. It happens that the video was uploaded on April 1st in the United States April fool day, April Fool’s Day is equivalent in other countries when it comes to playing pranks.

It is not the only case of such a joke on social networks in terms of competing sports. For example, Cape Town, the first-tier soccer city in South Africa, announced the appointment of Sergio Aguero, who has just confirmed his departure from Manchester City in June. It was clearly an April Fools’ Day joke. Even Cape Town FC announced the signing of a pre-contract.

For his part, who joined the jokes was Usain Bolt on the video. “It was nice to take a break and be lazy for the past few years, but I’m hungry to compete again. I trained hard in Jamaica and I’m looking forward to getting back on the right track this summer”, world quote fastest athletics gate man Let’s run in terms of running the distance 100 meters under 9 seconds, which is physically impossible, with the current record at 9.58.

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