“The Revolution and the Land” will not be broadcast next Sunday

Faced with a series of questions on social networks, TV Peru decided to postpone the broadcast date.

Peruvian TV has decided to postpone broadcasting the documentary until April 18 ‘Revolution and Land’, Tilted to the left. The date change is due to the questions of many social media users, who believe that it was not appropriate to release the volume on Sunday, a week before the elections.

‘Revolution and Land’The third, by Gonzalo Benavente, deals with one of the events of the late twentieth century that caused the greatest debate in Peru: the agrarian reform carried out by the military government in Juan Velasco Alvarado.

Ex-President Pedro Catriano, via his account Twitter, He asked if it was “Is it appropriate for“ Revolution and Land ”to be broadcast in the final stage of the election campaign? When I ran the PCM, I maintained the neutral administration of Peruvian Television, I did not carry out attacks, manipulate information, or publish politically biased programs.

Likewise, for Augusto Alvarez Rodri, “Revolution and Earth” is a wonderful documentary by Gonzalo Benavente Seco, but putting it on state television on election days is a fatal flaw that is best corrected, the journalist wondered.

Former Labor Minister Juan Chipot said the government channel should be neutral.

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