Will the rain benefit Fernando Alonso? This is the weather forecast for Silverstone

The “Great Circus” arrives at the arena that many consider Cradle of civilization affiliate the cars And Formula 1. The second date is set for this intense month of July on United kingdomspecifically in layout Silverstone.

And as such, clouds and rain cannot go unnoticed in this Grand Prix. The weather forecast is for the weekend time change.

for the sessions to begin Free practice affiliate Friday will be with Dry runwayWhere no precipitation is expected throughout the day. So it will be Quiet day Where teams will be able to testNew updatesNo problem.

he Saturday, things change. Everything indicates that a session classification He is passed through the watersomething that could completely change what might seem “intuitive” as usual, since the difference in single-seat performance would come down practically entirely to the pilot’s level.

the likely to rain Up to 70 percent In the time period in which the rating will be played. However, making predictions for Sunday’s race seems somewhat more complicated.

Although it is expected Sunday Across the water, at the time of the race likely of rain hardly reaches a 30 per cent. However, hours before the race, a lot of water is expected on the circuit, so the track condition is real unknown.

Is 33 possible?

While it is true that what you achieve Aston Martin This year is practically a miracle, the last race in Austria It was a tough reality check. which in Canada It seemed like a step forward 33This victory appears in the Austrian lands far never.

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However, that is Formula 1 And as such, everything changes from race to race. Despite the fact that the English layout didn’t seem to work Aston Martinthe improvements you will take and the possibility of precipitation will make 33 Be one again real possibility to Fernando Alonso.

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