Will Netflix Lose Subscriptions After Leaving Privileges?

Netflix may lose 750,000 subscriptions in the UK, after the popular series exits the platform.

Watchman Share analysis digital i where it is mentioned Netflix You can lose approximately 750,000 subscriptions to United kingdomThis is after some of the most popular programs on the platform in the country, such as Modern family, how did you meet your motherAnd sons of anarchyAnd Jailbreak s new girl, Become the exclusive titles of the catalog Disney Plus.

To previous titles, it will also be added soon homeland, which represents more bad news for NetflixLast week, it predicted the lowest number of new subscriptions since 2010 (2.5 million).

“Watching these six titles, five of which have already left Netflix, was significant in the UK. This symbolizes that a large number of subscribers will start questioning their monthly payments to Netflix, and will look for the new home of their favorite Disney+ content.”

Ali Vadati, founder and CEO of Digital i.

hard data

digital i Estimated that the previous series represented around 12% of viewers of the most popular streaming content on United kingdomThis is in the first quarter of last year.

According to Ali Wahdaty: modern family It was the most watched Netflix show in Europe in 2020″It will only cost them to leave the aforementioned broadcast platform 270 thousand subscribers.

What will Netflix’s response be?

Watchman He points out that now that many companies have sought to create their own platforms to embed their projects, it is likely that Netflix It continues to focus on expanding its content related to its most successful franchises, while also looking to craft new and successful original shows.

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just for him 2022 It is said that the flow will spend more than 17 billion dollars in content, giving rise to titles such as science fiction film Ryan Reynolds: Adam’s ProjectThe return of the successful series Bridgeton s Weird things.

However, according to Amp Analysis, Netflix Still the leading streaming service in United kingdom, This is an estimate 14 million subscribers, which puts it in the foreground Amazon (12.3 million) s Disney+ (4.7 million).


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