Fans Think River Medway “Stolen” on the track –

River surprised fans with his runway look (Image: BBC)

*Here are spoilers for Drag Race Series 3*

On the final episode of Drag Race UK, RuPaul couldn’t hand out the coveted Ru Peter badge for any remaining Queen, but fans thought River Medway deserved to win.

This week’s show saw another queen walk out of the workshop in a fierce competition.

But after RuPaul was “disappointed” with the commercials the queens put on in the latest challenge, a big decision was made about the week’s ups and downs.

The host was clearly unimpressed and warned, “Ladies, brace yourselves because Drag Race is about to get real.”

Roe accused the commercials of being “unoriginal” before adding, “I’m disappointed. I’m so disappointed, they play it safe.”

The River Medway looked absolutely stunning (Image: BBC)

This is not how to become the next superstar in the UK drag race.

“During your workroom conversations yesterday, I didn’t take the time to go through your job boards.”

“So I blame myself first and foremost,” continued the host, before throwing a huge bombshell.

With that said, there will be no winners this week, no queen safe, and the two of you will coincide with your lives.

However, despite the host’s dislike of the queens this week, many viewers thought one of the remaining contestants deserved a coveted badge.

Rowe was shooting from guns in the last episode (Image: BBC)

Many online called for River Midway to achieve the ultimate victory, and were puzzled as to why the Queen of Kent had been overlooked.

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River’s gorgeous red and gold silk dress beautifully showcased her legacy, as fans conquered the runway look.

One shared on Twitter: “How come they didn’t give River the profit? She did what she could. Period. Smoking. #DragRaceUK.”

Another fan agreed: “river_medway is actually a work of art, are you #DragRaceUK kidding me?”

‘River, and I can’t stress this enough, Medway #DragRaceUK’ said one Twitter user, with one follower commenting. #DragRaceUK

More: BBC

One fan added: “I recommend it, river_medway deserves this badge tonight! #DragRaceUK”.

En un giro adicional, Ru pasó la responsabilidad de juzgar a las reinas restantes en un final brutal, y agregó: ‘La semana pasada salvamos a dos personas, alguien tiene que irse a casa, así que quiero saber de ti, quién debería a house’. This week and why?

It was up to the queens to decide who they thought were the worst contestants for this week’s episode, as Scarlett Harlett and Charity Kase ended up in a lip-sync battle.

In the end, the charity was sent home, but who would be next?

RuPaul’s Drag Race continues in the UK next Thursday at 7pm on BBC iPlayer.

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