Will La Coruña achieve a green corridor with the UK? Hydrogen from As Pontes, Repsol and Inditex is key

Archive – Green hydrogen plant project promoted by Reganosa and EDP in As Pontes (A Coruña).

“This is a first step that will be followed by public and private institutions working together to develop them,” say embassies’ spokespeople after being questioned about the announcement of three “carbon-neutral” routes between the islands and northern Spain.

The road with A Coruña is part of UK Comprehensive Plan Double green lanes or seaways. The idea is to use less polluting ships to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It should be remembered that the UK Climate Change Act contains a long-term, legally binding target of reducing net UK greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050Same date as in the European Union.

In this context, the United Kingdom has already announced bilateral agreements with the United States, Norway and the Netherlands on the creation of ecological sea lanes. Spain and neighboring countries on the list of countries the British say they are negotiating with, according to a report by the World Maritime Forum An international entity for the development of maritime transport.

In Spain, the British indicated that they had already identified three possible green paths. We are Bilbao – UK, Santander – UK and A Coruña – UK. The Green Corridors Study in Spain was announced at a conference in March in Bilbao.

Coruña is actually the only great novelty, because regular passenger and freight ferry lines have been operating from both Bilbao and Santander for several years. Therefore, it is A Coruña that, in theory, also has the most difficult time being chosen, because the other two ports have already shown that they can guarantee survival of the roads, at least as far as passengers are concerned. In fact, the shipping company you run just upgraded the ships of this pair of joints.

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These boats are from a private ship owner Brittany phrases. The plan is for the La Coruña line to be the product of a collaboration between the public and private sectors.

What is the green corridor? According to the World Maritime Forum they are “specific shipping methods where
The technological, economic and organizational feasibility of zero-emissions shipping
It was catalyzed by a combination of public and private actions.

Factors to be considered for selecting outlets

In Spring 2022, the World Maritime Forum will present a report entitled “Green Corridors, the Spanish Opportunity” at the British Embassy in Madrid. It was determined that “22 countries, including Spain, have expressed their intention to create green sea lanes to decarbonize the sector”.

One of the factors when choosing ports will be fuel availability, one of which is likely to be green hydrogen. The report indicates that Galicia had already announced the construction of a green hydrogen plant at that time, specifically 100 MW wind energy from Endesa in As Pontes. However, it should be noted that there have been moves since then. For example, in September the Xunta Council approved Galicia’s first strategic industrial project, a green hydrogen plant in Reganosa and EDP Renovables for As Pontes.

Another factor in determining which routes will be launched is the amount of cargo moving through those ports. It should be noted in this regard that two of the companies that transport most of the materials in the Spanish ports, Inditex and Repsolhas related operations in the A Coruña region.

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Endesa plans to start construction of the hydrogen plant in As Pontes (A Coruña) in January 2023 and finish it in December 2024. EDP ​​and Reganose You plan to run it by 2025.

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