Will it snow today? UK weather forecast, where the Met Office warnings are and how cold the weather is


It may come as a surprise to those of you who enjoyed some sun this past weekend, but the UK is seeing another cold snap.

Cold weather has replaced last week’s highs of 20C, with temperatures across the UK due to be around 10C ahead of the weekend.

Here is everything you want to know.

Will it snow today?

Yes, it will in some parts of the UK. It has already snowed in London and Glasgow.

The Met Office’s yellow weather warning for ice covering much of eastern Scotland, north-east England and Yorkshire until 10am on Thursday says “snow and hail could lead to icy surfaces, with potential travel disruptions”.

A Met Office spokesperson warned that more weather warnings may be issued on Friday morning.

Meteorologist Mattie Box said there is currently a “mass of cold air” over the UK.

“There is an ice warning right now. If it thaws and refreezes overnight, there is a risk of freezing.

“I suspect there will be a similar danger from Thursday night to Friday morning.”

There will also be a similar chance of snow on Thursday night and Friday morning, he added.

“It will be concentrated and there will be snow showers,” he said.

“The eastern and northern regions of the UK will be the most likely to have rain, sleet or snow.”

The weather will improve over the weekend, with some sunny spells.

“The rain will be less frequent, but there is still a chance of some effects of winter rain on the East Coast and North Sea coast, especially through Saturday,” Box said.

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“There should be a fair amount of sunshine as well as periods of sunshine in between.”

Temperatures dropped below zero from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning, with councils issuing emergency protocols to deal with the sudden change.

The city councils of Newcastle, North Tyneside and Gateshead revealed emergency protocols for severe weather Wednesday night, which included services to help severely ill sleepers try to stay safe.

What is the weather forecast?


Rain, sleet and snow in the hills of southeast England. Elsewhere, a combination of sunny periods and winter showers, more frequent in the north and east. With a breeze and a feeling of cold.


Chill with spreading frost. Winter rains continue in the north and east with the risk of icy patches later.


Sunny periods and more frequent winter rains along parts of the northern and eastern coasts. A more organized area of ​​rain affecting parts of western Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Views from Saturday to Monday:

hail with winter showers on saturday; More persistent rain or showers for parts of the West for a while. Less cold on Sunday and Monday, although it is often cloudy with streaks of rain.

What is the long-term weather forecast?

The scattered rain along the eastern coastal areas continues through Monday, fading over time.

A dense cloud will likely spread in the northwest to the southeast throughout the day, resulting in bouts of rain, potentially heavy to the far northwest and possibly wintery to the northeast for a while.

Unsettled conditions are expected to continue through the rest of the week, with most areas experiencing periods of rain or rain, sometimes even wintry on higher ground.

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Drought and more stable periods are still possible, but are shorter than recent ones. The rain will be heavy at times with hail and thunder. Strong winds are also likely at times, especially from the north and west, with temperatures close to average or slightly above.

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