In two years, its consumption has grown by 5,000% in Argentina

The figures show the growing public interest in consuming more sustainable wines and reflect the boom in the sector. In this regard, the journalist Pancho Barreiro, Co-founder of VIOS | More sustainable wines, I considered it “In recent years, there has been a significant growth in the number of organic producers and in the interest of wineries in doing a more sustainable business and getting among their wines, even if they are, wines with organic certification.”

The numbers speak for themselves. In addition to the notorious growth in consumption, the sector exported 10 million liters of certified organic wine during 2020. Currently, 2.5% of wine production corresponds to organic varieties, with Organic Malbec being the most grown and consumed.

Organic wine production in Argentina

  • The total internal consumption of organic wine in 2020 was 167,125 liters, a growth of more than 5,000% compared to 2018 (2970 liters).
  • Organic Malbec is the most widely grown and consumed variety.
  • In 2020, more than 10 million liters of certified organic wine were exported.
  • Compared to 2019, wine exports grew by 24% (almost 3 million liters).
  • In Argentina, 2.5% of wine production is organic.
  • Mendoza is the province with the largest area of ​​certified organic grape crops with 7,300 certified hectares.
  • There are 250 products assembled in 79 wineries, of which 69 are for export.
  • The European Union remains the main destination with 64%, followed by the United Kingdom (14%), Switzerland (3%) and Japan (2%).
  • Within the European Union, Denmark and Sweden import more than 4.5 million liters. Which means that they represent between the two countries almost 50% of the international consumption of organic Argentine wine.
  • The UK accounts for 14% of national organic wine exports with a total of 1,496,751 litres.
  • In the past two years, there has been strong export growth in Canada and Germany with numbers exceeding 500,000 liters at each destination.
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Within the month of Malbec, the third edition of Positive Malbec Night arrives, an event bringing together the great Argentinians of the Malbecs where organic, biodynamic, sustainable and fair wines will be served. The proposal organized by VIOS, it comes out just fine! And Buenos Aires Marriott, next Tuesday, April 12, at the exclusive rooftop of the iconic hotel in Buenos Aires.

As explained by the event organization, tickets include a free tasting of organic wine and It can be purchased through the event platformWith the possibility of getting 30% off when purchased in advance. The undiscounted cost is $3,500.

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