Will it be mandatory for Windows 10 users?

Many users have complained Windows requirements 11, as the company will likely finally decide not to include PC compatibility before 2016. However, even if you have compatible hardware, there are always many users who are reluctant to change, and there is good news for them.

Windows 11 will be free and optional if you use Windows 10

Windows 11 will arrive as a file Free update for users Windows 10, but they will have to manually check the facilities, and provide explicit Install Windows 11. This option will appear below regular updates, as now with optional updates. If your computer does not have compatible hardware, you will not receive the notification in the format Windows Update.

Microsoft learned from the mistakes it made with Windows 10, forcing the update on some conflicting PCs, and having to pay people for compatibility issues and even file loss.

Thus, we see that Microsoft continues to try to improve the update experience, since in Windows 11 we will see, for example, the estimated restart time for those we downloaded to be installed. Although it is only welcome for those who want to update the update, it is important to keep in mind that in October 2025 there will be no update support for Windows 10. In those four years, you will have to wait for the hack to install it on devices computer no Compatible with TPM 2.0 If Microsoft finally decides to make it mandatory.

They managed to get the Windows 10 start menu in 11

Even if you updated to Windows 11, but still missing some Windows 10 stuff, Tom’s Hardware found a way to show Windows 10 start menu, but with the aesthetics of 11. However, modifying the registry in this way can lead to many errors and problems compatibility, so you need to be careful; Especially in the Insiders version.

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job in HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindows. Inside there, we continue until CurrentVersionExplorer Advanced And there we can create a file DWORD communicate Start_ShowClassicMode which we must dedicate value 1. Later, in the taskbar settings, we just have to put it on the left. Thus, the list is as follows.

What hasn’t been restored at the moment is the way open windows are organized. With Windows 11, it can only be organized in two ways: by each of the icons we have installed at the bottom, or by the tasks we are performing at that moment, such as the version of the image for which we use several programs such as Photoshop and Chrome tabs that open with information associated in the same workspace.

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