UATx graduates into professionals in economic and management sciences

The first generation to graduate from the Bachelor of International Tourism

Tlaxcala, Tlax, July 9, 2021 (Editor’s Office). – Assuming a commitment to training high-value human talents that meet the professional needs of its time, the Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx) held its Bachelor’s Degree Graduation Ceremony in Public Accounting, International Tourism, Management and International Business, belonging to the 2017-2021 generation.

In this act, Dr. Enrique Vázquez Fernández, Academic Secretary, on behalf of Dr. Luis González Plasencia, President of UATx, indicated that through these actions the responsibility is fulfilled by introducing young, highly trained professionals to the Tlaxcala community to influence the progress of the entity.

He pointed out that Tlaxcala Autonomous Region is synonymous with knowledge and culture in the country, therefore, through a path defined on the basis of teamwork inherited by the departments of the university, today we offer an outstanding education backed by continuous evaluation by overseas organizations that have recognized our educational quality.

In turn, Dr. Juan Jorge Zicoa, Director of the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences, said that the trust placed in the institution is based on the progress and achievements made over the course of 44 years, along with the achievement of this goal. The district has received international accreditation, a fact that places us in the national context as a leading university with a commitment to the student community.

He pointed out that this graduation ceremony has become more important in the pandemic scenario, as the students had to face difficult scenarios, so it is good to present to the community 116 graduates from Bachelor of Management, 130 in General Accounting, and 100 from International Business. , and 41 from international tourism, who make up the first generation of this educational programme.

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On behalf of this generation, young Mitzi Ramirez Gutierrez and David Pulido Quatepitze thanked their school and teachers for changing their lives, in addition to providing them with the necessary tools that make them professionals capable of facing the challenges in this competitive world..

This ceremony was attended by the Administrative Structure of Tlaxcala Autonomous Region and the Faculty of Economic-Administrative Sciences.

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