Will Club America play at home in the United States? Emilio Azcárraga finally explains it

he Club of America He has just become a hero, but the bad news is that he is left without a home due to the house being remodeled Aztec Stadium; Emilio Azcárraga Already revealed If he will play in the United States.

A few weeks ago it was known that the Estadio Azteca would close its doors for remodeling for the 2026 World Cup, so… Club America and Cruz Azul They will have to find a new home.

Several options were considered, at least in the case of Club America, such as playing in blue stadium, In other states and even in the United States, where he has many fans.

Well, Club América owner Emilio Azcárraga has finally revealed the team’s new headquarters and what the plan is to redesign the Estadio Azteca.

Emilio Azcárraga says Club America will play outside of Mexico City, but not in the United States

In an interview with TUDN, Emilio Azcárraga He revealed that Blue stadium It will be your new home Club of America Where the redesign of the Azteca Stadium is being implemented.

But he also revealed that there is a plan to remove Azulcrema from Mexico City and have them play at home in other states in the republic.

However, he pointed out that it was It is impossible for Club América to play its home matches in the United StatesBecause it is not allowed due to regulations.

Club América: When will you make your debut at Estadio Azul?

he Club of America It will play its home matches in Blue stadium Starting from the Clausura 2024 tournament, here we will tell you when its debut will be.

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The Águilas will make their debut at the Azul Stadium until January 20, when the team welcomes Liga MX champions Querétaro FC.

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Club America home matches in Clausura 2024:

  • Club America vs Queretaro FC – Saturday, January 20
  • Club America vs. Rayados de Monterrey – Saturday, February 3
  • Club America vs. Real Estelí – Wednesday, February 14 (first round of the Conca Champions League)
  • Club America vs Mazatlan – Wednesday, February 21
  • Club America vs. Cruz Azul – Saturday, February 24
  • Club America vs. Club Tigres – Saturday, March 9
  • Club America vs. Atletico San Luis – Saturday, March 30
  • Club America vs. Deportivo Toluca – Saturday, April 13

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