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Take note, because below we are going to share one of the best tricks for listening to your favorite music or podcast on YouTube.

There are currently a wide range of streaming platforms where you can enjoy all kinds of content, whether you opt for a little action Access On Amazon Prime; Youth dramas with My Life with the Walter Boys on Netflix or classic series like friends on HBO Max; The possibilities are endless. However, YouTube will still be one of our favorite platforms.

Long before TikTok, YouTube was our main source of entertainmentwhere we can find a wide range of content, in addition to music, from podcasts and graphics to information sources. Often times, we choose the video that catches our attention the most and put it in the background while we do other activities, causing the battery to drain very quickly, but don’t worry, because we have a solution.

The easiest option would be to subscribe to YouTube Premium, which not only removes annoying ads but also gives us other benefits such as Listening to music on YouTube Music without ads, minimizing any video while doing something else on the cell phone, and of course locking the cell phone without stopping the video we are playing; However, very few know that this function is available without having to pay or download an application that takes up space in your cell phone’s memory.

Take note as we share below the steps needed to make that a reality, yes, tWe warn you that this is a trick exclusively for Android mobile phones.

  1. First locate any video you want to listen to when the screen is off. Immediately go to the Share option and choose the option: Copy Link.
  2. Now enter into Chrome search engine and paste the link in the address bar.
  3. Next, you’ll go to the More Options button, shown by the three little dots arranged vertically, and you’ll switch to Desktop Site.
  4. Once you set this option, view the notification bar on your cell phone and you will find the Android media player.
  5. All you have to do is click on the play button to continue listening to it and you will see that you can lock your cell phone without a problem.
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ready! With these steps, you can listen to music and podcasts while the screen is locked and save battery, all without having to subscribe to YouTube Premium or download any app. You can also take a look at our YouTube channel, SensaCine Latinoamérica, where you can find interviews, clarified endings, reviews or summaries of your favorite titles. What are you waiting for to follow us?

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