Wilderness improvements to revitalize Costa Rica’s economy – Prensa Latina

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MENA) has specified that the works, with the deadline for completion in February 2022, include building and strengthening bridges over the pathways, accommodation units for officials, a center and shelters for visitors and sanitary batteries.

He said the work will be done thanks to an investment of 1,722 million colons – roughly $ 2,850,000 – from the Regional Development Board for the Southern District (Godisur), which will be managed by the Corcovado Foundation.

During the start of work on the project, Deputy Minister Minae Franklin Paniagua emphasized that relevant authorities are focusing on improving staff conditions and revitalizing the economy.

Protected wilderness areas are drivers of local development, so improving tourism offerings through investments in infrastructure will boost more visits to the entire South Pacific region, Panyagua explained.

For his part, the Chairman of the Judesur Commission, Edwin Duarte, emphasized that preserving the biodiversity of the world and of Costa Rica allows the basic conditions for development to be guaranteed.

The Executive Director of the Corcovado Foundation, Alejandra Mong, praised that this area of ​​picturesque beauty, which includes the highest mountain range in the country, pristine forests and wonderful coasts, requires tourism to put its eyes on it.

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