UK Minister says Facebook should pay media for content – 23/02/2021

Bill on Reward for press media By digital platforms in Australia It caused a conflict between Facebook and the government. In this context, British Health Minister Matt Hancock said that the nation should follow in the footsteps of the Oceania country, according to times.

In addition, the commander said that Oliver Dowden, the Minister of Culture, Media and Sports, was looking “very closely” at how the country could make the social network Facebook replace the media for content.

War broke out between Facebook and the Australian government on February 18, when the social network blocked local media posts without prior notice, also affecting many public service portals.

Facebook announced, Tuesday, that it will restore publishing the news in Australia after the executive agreed to make technical changes to it Bill.

The bill, which is being debated in the Senate, requires technology companies to reach an agreement with the media to reward them for creating news according to monetization of links posted on the platform.

The social network today clarified in a statement that it has agreed with the Australian government on a “series of changes and guarantees” that will allow it to continue investing “in public interest journalism and re-establishing news in The social networking site Facebook To the Australians in the next few days. “

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For its part, Australia indicated that “Facebook agreed to negotiate in good faith with the Australian media to reach agreements to pay for its content.”

Since last week, media pages on social media in Australia have been grayed out without any content and with a warning that nothing will be posted to that account, while any attempt to share a press link creates a notification that Facebook has restricted publication of Australian news in response to a project. Law.

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