Why Is Rugby An Exciting Game To Watch?

The Ultimate Action Sport

There are many action sports to choose from to satiate our desire for hard-hitting physical movement and encounters. Some watch the Ultimate Fighting Champion, and others choose to indulge in boxing. Some sports mix this raw energy and throw in some traditional sporting values like a ball and perhaps goal posts. National League Football (NFL) is rugby league in the UK and it has some of the most brutal players you can watch. One thing is for sure, NFL players are fast! These players are the essence of what makes NFL and rugby exciting to watch even from the comfort of your home.

Rugby is truly unique to other team sports and constantly has an equal playing field for the two teams of fifteen players, making it hard for either team to outright dominate the other, even with a star player having exceptional talent. This gridlock way of playing makes for the most intense moments and is responsible for the extreme hits we get out of this sport. Unlike American football, rugby players are not kitted in padding and helmets to make for overexaggerated size and power. Of course, American football is fun, but there is nothing like hard, brutal, and muddy rugby finals to get the heart racing.

South Africa took the last World Cup title, and with the next World Cup due in 2023, you have more than enough time to get into the rugby spirit so you too can join in on your friends’ celebrations or trials and tribulations of the next world spectacle that rugby brings us. There is no ban on this sport, making it widely accepted around the globe. Do not continue missing out on this thrilling sport.

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Why Rugby

Rugby entails non-stop action provided to you by the two sets of 40 minutes that are basically uninterrupted and without stoppages. Rugby delivers on years of passionate and often patriotic history. Supporters will die at the stake for their teams. They cheer, jump and celebrate their team’s victories and cry with them in their losses. Rugby supporters are die-hard, and being a part of a community as tightly knit as this is an irreplaceable feeling especially when you turn up to your local rugby stadium in your team’s colors to be met with hundreds of people who are now your family for the event.


Rugby is a sport full of passion and heroics. It includes blood, cheers, brotherhood, and so many things that truly set this sport apart. Those who watch the game feel it, and those who play it know it. Contact sports, in general, are entertaining and gather massive followings, but unlike American Football, rugby is a worldwide affair.

Rugby Basics For Your Home and the Field

Whether you are in the stadium amongst roaring fans or just at home with your friends, a couple of cold ones, and a barbeque, you will not regret a rugby day. Rugby may not appeal to many because they have not had the introduction to the experience nor the understanding of the game.

Let’s start there. You’ll need to know the essentials of rugby to understand what’s going on when looking at these huge players who can not pass the ball forward to each other.

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A team strives to score more points than the other by scoring tries, conversions, penalty kicks and drop goals. Each match is played over two 40-minute halves. At half-time, players are required to rest for a maximum of 10 minutes, after which both teams change ends, leading to a game that is action-packed and with limited breaks. The ball must travel 10 meters from the kick-off in every game, starting with a dropkick from the halfway line. The receiving team has the option to continue the play using a different method of choice depending on the distance from their try line if the ball does not travel a minimum of 10 meters.

Now that you have a brief understanding of what is going on, it is time to enjoy the rest of the experience.

The True Reason Rugby Excites

At the end of it, one’s love for rugby is the perfect excuse to go do something you would not usually do, whether it is stoking the coals of the barbecue for the family or taking a trip to the stadium. Rugby is a magical platform for the supporters who have come up with rituals for their game days which make for fantastic experiences year-round and especially when the Rugby World Cup comes. If you appreciate a high level of sport mixed with an even higher level of sportsmanship, you need to start watching rugby. Once you grasp the rules, you will realize the game just makes so much sense, and the reason it looked so chaotic at first is that the way the rules are made, is to make the game flow as fluidly and constantly as possible. Rugby matches of any level will show any watcher what the human body, mind, and spirit is capable of putting out. It is almost motivating to see how these athletes will go till their final breath and will soldier through broken bones. They show the true definition of what blood, sweat and tears can do.

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Two Types of Rugby?

Rugby Union is more commonly known as Rugby, and then there is league rugby. They have a couple of differences in scoring, gameplay, and processes, but they are roughly the same game. This guide will give you all the information to navigate the differences on your next game day. Figure out which versions of pacing and rules suit you and the type of game you want to see and get learning!

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