Experts fear the fifth wave will kill up to 200 people a day in the UK

The lifting of pandemic restrictions next week in the UK portends a deadly outcome: up to 200 deaths a day.

This was predicted by scientific advisers to the Government of England, who suggest that the current picture could be much worse if basic precautions, such as the use of a mask on public transport or indoors, are immediately abandoned.

Scientists believe that there will be an increase in infections that will result in between 1,000 and 2,000 people being hospitalized, while at the same time increasing hospital pressure: “Even if it is lower than previous peaks, the number of admissions could become a Challenge for the National Health Service ( NHS)”, cite the minutes of the SAGE meeting held on 7 July.

The findings, which are based on a series of studies commissioned by British government advisers, have reignited the debate over whether Boris Johnson is taking too much risk by pressing ahead with his plan to lift measures next Monday. In addition, the team of experts also warned of the difficulty that lifting restrictions may have in identifying a new variant of the virus and requires the development of a contingency plan.

In the transcript, SAGE asked the NHS to make contingency plans in case hospitalizations increased.

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