Why doesn’t the movie use Barbie Girl from Aqua?


These are the reasons why the famous song is not part of the highly anticipated movie soundtrack.

© WB / YouTubeFind out the reasons why the famous song is not part of the long-awaited movie soundtrack.

the song “Barbie Bride” to Aquareleased in 1997, has become a pop culture icon and is widely known for its catchy lyrics referring to the famous doll of the same name from Mattel.

Due to her huge recognition and popularity, many fans expected this featured song to be part of the new single’s soundtrack. live action movieAnd BarbieDirected by Greta Gerwig. However, when the soundtrack was revealed, it came out Carol G, Billie Eilish, and Dua Lipaamong others, but not the famous Norwegian band.

Why isn’t Aqua part of the Barbie movie soundtrack?

In an interview with diverselead vocalist for Aqua, Lynn NesterHomme, speaking about the production’s decision not to include the band’s hit song “Barbie Girl” as well as the band’s debut album, “FishbowlStarring in the movie Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

“I totally understand why you wouldn’t use it,” Nystrom said, “But it will attract a lot of attention, no matter what.”. On the other hand, keyboardist Soren Rusted joked: “We must say we reject it. Ryan Gosling is not good enough! “.

Mattel’s lawsuit against Aqua

“Barbie Bride” It was released at the end of the 1990s and became an international success, reaching huge popularity in the United States and the United Kingdom. The song has sold over 1.4 million copies in the US alone and stayed at the top of the UK music charts for a month.

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However, the success of the song also sparked controversy and legal issues. Mattel, the creator of the Barbie doll, sued MCA (which represented Aqua) on September 11, 1997. Mattel argued that the song violated Barbie’s trademark and that it sexualized her with the song’s suggestive lyrics. He also charged that the song’s cover uses the iconography “Barbie Pink‘, a registered trademark of Mattel.

MCA responded by contesting Mattel’s claims and filing a counterclaim for defamation after Mattel likened MCA to a bank robber. The case became a highly publicized legal dispute at the time.

Ultimately, the case was dismissed, meaning that the song and its content did not infringe trademarks or defame Mattel, allowing the song to continue to be shared and enjoyed by the general public.

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