Mango culture, the fruit that causes a sensation during the summer in Miami

With its delicious flavor, mangoes have become a very popular fruit, and they impose an interesting tradition during summer in Miami.

It’s no secret that Miami is a city where many cultures meet, because it is home to many foreigners. Undoubtedly, the presence of the Latinos became increasingly notorious, and with them they brought part of their essence and culture to this city.

As a result of the cultural diversity that exists in Miami, establishing one’s own traditions has not been easy. However, in recent years, the presence of mangoes in Miami has not only brought flavor, but also enhanced local summer traditions.

The arrival of summer in “The Magic City” is marked by great changes in nature, and we are no doubt referring to heavy rains. Despite this, along with this novelty, the season’s prized mango arrives in homes, parks, and even malls.

Therefore, during the summer, mangoes are in abundance in Miami. She became the reason behind the procedures becoming more and more popular. In this way, what some call the “mango culture” was established, reinforcing the activities and traditions intrinsic to the city in the season.

Mango mango summer traditions in miami

In many countries and peoples, the arrival of a season or a special season presupposes the performance of certain rituals that become traditions. Likewise, in Miami, the arrival of summer has its traditions, many of which are related to the mango boom.

For example, during this time, mangoes have become the protagonist of delicious dishes and drinks in homes and commercial establishments. As a result, in the summer season, the best prepared cakes or pies are exactly those made from these fruits.

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In addition, many Miami homes have mango trees that, in the summer, tend to bear abundant fruit. In this way, these days it is common for the owners to show their generosity and share the fruits with family, friends and even strangers.

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This is, above all, because the quantity of the fruit makes them prefer to give it away and share it, rather than let it spoil and waste on the ground. Thus, many take the opportunity to prepare meals of various cuisines made from mangoes, and even refreshing drinks.

Miami’s Latinos feel “at home” thanks to mangoes

Although some might think that Miami is simply seeking to take advantage of the abundance of mangoes during the summer, the reality is otherwise. That is, behind these actions there is an emotional component that has permeated the local culture over the years.

As we know, mango is a fruit of Indian origin, but it is found particularly in many countries of Latin America. In this way, it is a fruit that people from Latin countries know very well, including Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico. And of course Cuba.

Likewise, many people from these countries have been staying in Miami for years and take advantage of the summer to enjoy the wonders of mangoes. In this sense, during this time, Latinos evoke flavors, smells, and people, just by trying a piece of mango.

“People from tropical countries grow up with mangoes, so there is a connection to mangoes from their childhood.” This was explained by Jonathan H. Crane, who specializes in tropical fruit crops at the University of Florida Tropical Education and Research Center.

Additionally, the importance of mangoes to Latinos is such that upon immigrating to Miami, many brought the seeds they planted at home. In this way, for several decades, they have filled the city with trees that, summer after summer, bless us with this delicious fruit.

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So, with that emotional bond they feel with mangoes, they popularized the taste of the fruit, making it a summer sensation. So, the exchange Fruit varieties; Preparing meals, and even mango-themed parties, is a trend among the locals.

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