Why do people gain weight in December? – The sun of Orizaba

ORIZABA, Ver. – During the Christmas holidays, there is a risk of gaining between 3 and 5 kilograms, mainly due to the sedentary lifestyle that becomes more severe at the end of the year, as well as the amount of food that people consume. At these times I confirm to the nutritionist Sarah Victoria Gonzalez.

“The recommendation for Orizaba Valley residents is to eat a healthy diet and exercise at least 30 minutes a day to avoid weight gain.” prediction.

He explained in an interview that on those days it is better to focus on avoiding overeating and try to take at least two walks in the fresh air.

“We must continue to follow healthy routines, which can help the metabolism to avoid weight gain and burn calories more quickly, so it is necessary to maintain these daily routines and follow them without exception.”“, He expressed.

He stressed that based on this type of physical process, it is possible to have a metabolic system in good condition, with more energy and, of course, feel better.

What is the recommendation?

He urged not to skip meals, as this is one of the factors in controlling hunger. Thus, they enjoy the feast at night; Because if you do not stick to your daily food routine, there will be less energy during the day.

He advised eating biscuits and energy tablets between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, because if there is a lot of time between one meal and another, you may be more susceptible to overeating in any of those places.

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“You can eat, for example, about 23 pieces of almonds, a little dark chocolate, a mixture of nuts, fruit with almond cream, etc.”He finished.

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