Boca fans are fed up and the star is flirting with them: “The Phantom”

One of the most wanted in the run-up to the final The Copa Libertadores is undoubtedly Boca’s bonanza that has given a lot of joy to the Zénizi team. He never had any problems and always made the right comment, but this time in the decisive match he said that Zenize would be the champion, but his prediction failed and everyone came out to ask him for explanations.

This is Jorge Almirón’s favorite astrologer, Giorgio de Armas, who confirmed through his social networks that Boca would win the Copa Libertadores because the “stars” were with him. He is the same one who confirmed in January that Javier Miley was the winner of the elections. But beyond that, now – after losing the final – they came out to ask him for explanations.

With the promise of victory at the emblematic Maracanã stadium, his expectations spread like wildfire, igniting the enthusiasm of the fan who dreams of lifting the trophy. “Trust our dear supporters, as always, Boca and Jorge Almiron will have help,” Giorgio Armas said, while sharing a religious emoji and the number seven, indicating that Boca would finally be able to secure a seventh Libertadores Cup. To reinforce his prediction, he cited a news story from 2021, where, according to him, he actually predicted this moment. However, this situation did not happen.

They show the flags of the United Kingdom

Fluminense fans took advantage of the stadium given to them by CONMEBOL to hold a party similar to the one they held at the Maracanã on the days of classic matches against Flamengo, Vasco da Gama or Botafogo, even displaying the flag of the United Kingdom, Usually used by its organized fans, Young Flo, claiming the British origin of the club which was founded in 1902 by Oscar Cox, the son of a London diplomat.

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Young Flow fans, accused of ambushing the Argentines on Thursday on Copacabana Beach, prepared a big party with 20,000 tricolor flags. But in the middle of the crowd, they didn’t put Fluminense’s already famous Union Jack logo, in green and white, but the original British colour.

Those flags were also seen on the giant screen, from Boca Juniors fans, Maradounian and the Falkland Islanders slogan “He who does not jump is an Englishman” was chanted during the vigil for the start of the final match, after the repression carried out by the mounted police against Boca fans lined up in line under the pretext of having “Lines without entry” sought to breach the security perimeter and fences.

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