Why did Gran Turismo fail so dramatically?

A few days ago I went to the nearest cinema to finally see Grand tourAnd I told you my impressions in a very optimistic review. In fact, the movie was not the one I expected, and this prompted me to write a review even though I did not have his press pass. However, at that moment I did not explain the sadness that had caused me not to see even 20 people in the room. After success unknown in theatres, adaptation, which grossed $407.1 million worldwide This guarantees him a sequel is already underway, and he was expecting the same victory for it Grand tourBut in the end that was not the case.

today, Grand tour Accumulating just over $22.6 million In the approximately twenty countries in which it was released, including large markets such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and France. It is a ridiculous number, and it keeps it away from profitability, even if its budget is “only” $100 million. definitely, Depends on the numbers I get in the USThe country receiving the film this week, not to be successful, but rather to reduce Sony Pictures’ losses.

What are the reasons behind the failure Grand tour? Why is the movie based on the popular license to Digital polyphony And with millions of video games sold, has it disappointed in theaters?

Three reasons why Gran Turismo failed in theaters

beyond adaptation

At least I appreciate that Grand tour It wasn’t just a succession of races in which drivers challenged each other with a slow-moving look. Grand tour is actually a biographyAs such, it focuses on the protagonist’s development rather than achieving victories. This managed to slightly influence the “word of mouth” among viewers who went to the cinema to watch a running race, and watched the most emotional drama.. Of course, the general reviews are very good (6.5/10 at Filmaffinity), so the theory does not stand alone.

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Is Gran Turismo the PlayStation saga that deserves a movie?

This reason is related to the previous reason, which is that Grand tour It’s not a franchise that fits well in what we know as an “adaptation.”. Without a strong story behind it that allows us to empathize with its characters, the video game is nothing more than a racing simulator. Ie it does not happen as in unknownThat many of us are in love Nathan Drakeor in horizon, with a protagonist with a thousand nuances. Here there is no kind of connection that invites us to enjoy the story of the characters Grand tour No matter how realistic the story we are told.

A failed marketing campaign?

In short, I think the big mistake you made Sony Pictures with Grand tour Such a movie has been promoted Grand tour As an adaptation, when it’s more than just “autobiographical”, at the same time that $100 million was spent on the production of “Specialist”. The production company’s effort to get a new one unknownBut this time they didn’t succeed.

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