Why Bond Will Never Die

Suppose you mention the name James Bond. Or do the old classic of, the name’s Bond, James Bond, to anyone in the UK and beyond, most people will know exactly what and who you’re talking about. And, if they don’t, they must have been living under a rock for the last few decades. So for 007 to be as relevant now as it has been for the last sixty or so years, there must be reasons why Bond will never die.

The length of time Bond has been in people’s lives is immediately a reason for longevity. Since 1962, there have been twenty-five hit movies from the franchise, which means whether you’re young or old, Bond has been around during your lifetime. You could liken it to the cliché of being a part of the furniture, in many ways.

There are so many iconic components that go into making the James Bond movies what they are too. Take now, for example; everyone is talking about who will replace Daniel Craig as 007. It’s a hot topic of discussion, and then there is the theme tune, huge anticipation who will sing it next time. It’s clear that the love affair for Bond goes beyond the character, which is significant.

We’re not for one second going to suggest that the fantastic novels by Sir Ian Fleming, the hit movies which regularly smash the box office, and everything that goes with this aren’t reasons why Bond will never die. Because they are, and they’re more than likely the driving force. But Bond seeping into other areas of entertainment and a part of popular culture and everyday life are just as crucial.

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Bond’s reach is unrivalled and comparable to that of any huge franchise. In addition to novels and films, there have been recreations and adaptations for TV, radio as well as comics. we have even seen Bond brought to life in video games across many platforms, including slot games at several licensed operators worldwide, You can find a few to play at Party Online Casino, who even ran a large Bond survey recently about how many people would trade their partner for Bond or a Bond character.

There is also something special about Bond because people would like to have parts of him in their own lives and as part of their own persona. So many young people grow up wanting to be an International spy because they see how cool Bond is, for example.

Bond is also renowned for being super techy. 007’s array of advanced gadgets have become synonymous with the character over the years, and we live in a world where technology and gadget are kings, and everyone wants to get their hands on the latest.

It’s just another way James Bond, the spy, and the franchise intertwine with life today and tomorrow. And, when you consider all of the above as one, it’s hard to see Bond ever dying because of the impact 007 has on so many areas of life that people consider important.

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