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Some celebrities may not pass the full course (Image: Channel Four)

A Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins star revealed a scene removed from the 2021 series ‘Due to Injuries’, which would have seen celebrities face their flaws.

Channel 4’s Celebrity SAS, starring Alexandra Burke, Jake Quikenden, Kerry Katona and Vicki Pattison this year, follows their celebrities as they embark on a grueling course designed to replicate the UK’s Special Forces selection cycle.

Each episode will give viewers a glimpse into the daunting tasks that celebrities must go through, as their mental and physical abilities are tested under the supervision of Ant Middleton and the rest of the cast.

During a recent conversation with Metro.co.uk And other outlets, former professional footballer Kieron Dyer clarified that a scene was filmed and he doesn’t think it will be shown when the episodes air.

When asked when a certain time was removed from the show, Keiron replied, “They had to cut the pairs off due to injuries and stuff.”

While he didn’t elaborate on what those injuries were, he did share more details about the couple’s activity.

Kieron said the couple’s awkward assignment would have been ‘good TV’ (Photo: Pete Dads/Channel 4)

I had a good time with someone I related to. You have to tell them about your weakness as an individual and you have to look them in the eye.

I tell my partner, “Your greatest weakness is your arrogance.” It was nice to watch TV, but I don’t think it would be.

With who Kyron was involved with will remain a mystery… for now.

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Kiron also highlighted a joke she played on Jake that made the former X Factor star “cry like a baby.”

I took off the bracelet and pretended to quit. I said to all the runners in the barracks, “I’m done, I’m leaving here.” Obviously, they took it literally.

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Kiron said former BMX racer Shanaz Reed rushed to hug him while Jake cried in response to the fake news.

“Shanaz came and hugged me so tight, Jake started crying, and then I had to take my bracelet and put it back on and say, ‘I’m just kidding,’” she said, adding that she didn’t believe the “will” trick on the show.

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Channel 4.

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