Which countries does Netflix pass through the most? The results may surprise you

Ever wondered how much time you spent watching Netflix? Do you really want to meet someone new? Study Arabic By Comparitech analyzed the Netflix viewing history of nearly 25,000 users in 46 countries, and the results could be surprising. Central and South American countries topped the list of docking time on Netflix, in all categories, with users from Peru, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Colombia getting the highest scores, with 101-115K minutes (70-80 days). in the middle. Watch Netflix from the recording. It is followed by Canada, Brazil, the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, France and Sweden, respectively, with 66-51 days on Netflix. The last time on the list, with fewer days devoted to Netflix, are Central and Eastern European countries, including Hungary, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovakia. In general, the study found that Europeans watch less Netflix, which is completely unexpected, given the lengthy lockdowns due to the Coronavirus that have been imposed in many European countries. The African countries included in the study also scored lower on the list. South African users spent an average of 45 days watching Netflix, while users in Egypt spent 42 days, which is below average: Results indicate that the average user in the world watched 47 days of Netflix. Among the TV series and movies available on the streaming platform, the series appears to be the most popular, as the average user spends 39 days watching series instead of “only” 8 days watching movies. In this sense, the Europeans stand out. While Bulgaria scored “low” on the list, with 30 days of Netflix watching by the average user, the study found that Bulgarians spend most of their time watching TV series, and spend more than 91% of the time. Time to Watch Netflix on TV Series. . Netflix is ​​viewed by users in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom more than the global average. However, the Canadians showed their excessive skills the most, gaining 37% more than the average user. Where is the average Israeli in comparison? Israel is somewhere in the middle, it ranks 32nd on the list, with 41 days on Netflix by the average Israeli. Alternative broadcast services offer Jewish families practicing in Israel the ability to censor or delete content deemed indecent. Last year, the Tov TV service, dubbed “Kosher Netflix,” was launched, primarily aimed at practicing Jews who follow the laws of religious modesty. Tov TV service users can choose their preferred level of content censorship, from warning pop-ups during problem scenes to complete removal of scenes on some shows. It is estimated that Tov TV’s target audience includes approximately 400,000 Israeli families. Comparitech’s results are based on nearly 25,000 Netflix watch records that users around the world have uploaded to the site’s Time Spent Streaming Tool. Time Spent Streaming Tool allows users to view their viewing history in an accessible and enjoyable way, with the ability to tell users what they may have done in the meantime. Netflix subscriptions and total broadcast time worldwide increased during the Coronavirus pandemic and the power outages that caused it. In the first three months of 2020, according to Forbes, 15.77 million new subscribers joined Netflix and another 10.09 million subscribers between April and June.Marcy Oster contributed to this report.

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