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The constant question that has been a mystery to the scientific community is which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

Although many may think this is a question for children, in fact it has for many years been a mystery to the world of science, but above all, to evolutionary biology. Let us remember that evolution is a process that leads to changes in the genetic material (DNA) of a population over time. Evolution is the result of mutations in organisms that have adapted to different environments and can lead to changed genes, new traits, and new species.

Under this principle, experts have wondered for years whether the hen introduced genetic mutations at some point in its evolutionary history that gave it egg-laying characteristics, or whether the process was the other way around.

However, given the theory of evolution which explains that every living organism comes from an ancestor, and these in turn from a common ancestor, they place the existence of the egg before the existence of the bird.

to an agreement With the conclusions of a study shared by Science magazine, the egg existed before the chicken because “an egg with a specialized shell evolved in some vertebrates during their transition to terrestrial life, and then these animals gave birth to the first vertebrates, including terrestrial vertebrates.” “Birds,” explains Mary Stoddard, lead author, Technotas.

However, given the position of scientists who consider the egg to be the ancestor of the chicken, there is another part of society that is not entirely convinced.

Which came first, the egg or the chicken? “Chicken, until someone says otherwise,” was scientist Mark Rodger’s hilarious answer to the classic question.

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According to research conducted by Rodger and colleagues at the Universities of Warwick and Sheffield, both in England, the protein found in chicken ovaries, occludin-17 (OC-17), plays a vital role in egg formation. coincidence. They say that this is sufficient evidence that the chicken existed first. They comment For BBC.

“Our study makes us stop for a moment and think if the egg from which the first chicken hatched is in fact a chicken egg. Experts explained that it was necessary to have an embryo that became the first chicken, but the “egg” laid by its parents would not have the appearance of a chicken egg as we know it today.

Another interesting theory regarding this approach is that they both exist simultaneously, and thus the chicken and the egg do not have a fixed order.

Knowing the above is a question that is difficult to answer, according to the position of different researchers, because the question is weakly posed and depends on the method, discipline, and approach given to it. And you, which do you think came first, the chicken or the egg?

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