When will the Morelos Science Museum open? – The sun of Cuernavaca

he Science Museum of Morelosspace for Promoting scientific knowledge It has been in the process of being redesigned since January, and It is scheduled to reopen on March 21.

Andrea Ramírez Bolin, director of the Morelos State Science and Technology Council, said the redesign work is progressing as planned.

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Museum renovation Includes an incorporation of material from Berlin and the United States. “On January 29, the closure was announced, and since then we have been working hard in different areas, such as the energy room, which is already in the process of complete dismantling.”Ramirez Bolin explained.

What does the Science Museum look like?

Science Museum It has four themed rooms: Earth House, Energy room, Infinity room and water room. The total investment in its renovation amounts to five million pesos.

next to, One room will feature a dome in the ceiling that visually mimics the space. The deadline for completion of the works is March 21, and important events are scheduled for the 22nd, including the museum's anniversary and the Expo Ciencias Morelos 2024.

It is simply a date that we cannot change, it will be the anniversary, the Day of Knowledge that we celebrate every year, the Expo Ciencias MorelosAndrea announced.

San Miguel Acapantzingo Park is open

he Access to San Miguel Acapantzingo Park is open to the publicallowing families to enjoy Green spaces and games for children While they wait for the museum to reopen.

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Regarding this space, Ramirez Bolin insists on improving the lighting, as many people visit the park to exercise; For this reason, it will seek the support of municipal authorities.

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