When the Dinosaurs Ruled the City, by Mikui Otero

When I heard the beats and saw a coffee latte gouging, jumping and trying to escape from Peppa Pig’s cup, I knew it was time.

Then the little Velociraptor appeared, which, despite the fact that he had just learned to walk, came at full speed with his wooden-legged walk. He stood in front of me and ate half a prince in one bite with his amazing teeth (just two front milk dollars). Next came the tallest Brontosaurus, about four years old, extending its neck to reach the Schoko-Bons.

The tune “Jurassic Park” played in my head. They were ready, little dinosaurs are going to visit the house todayDinosaur tour that just arrived in Barcelona.

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This is amazing Mobile display of life-size animatronic dinosaurs It just opened in the Parc del Fòrum, after passing through ten European countries (from the UK to Romania). If you enter Jurassic Park, he will end up with a skeleton hugging a willow tree in a matter of hours. As always, we were lost, so with other families (Laura Dern was only missing), an expedition through that concrete savannah was formed. Before I went here to Primavera Sound to see a Junior Dinosaur, now I’m looking for dinosaurs.

Music “Jurassic Park”

Along the way, remember that when dinosaurs dominated the land, Barcelona, ​​some 70 million years ago, didn’t exist, and wait under the sea. We were talking about fossil remains, geological ages, and deadly meteorites when my audience really lost their attention and I was wondering if we might one day invite the Paw Patrol over to lunch. The boundary between fact and fiction is blurry in these eras.

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“Jurassic Park” music welcomes us to the tent, which I still don’t think of putting them on. If you ask my son about the worst experience in his life, he’ll say he’s been seeing “In Search of the Enchanted Valley”: there’s often talk about how to feed kids in the ’80s and ’90s with sugar cane, but little is said about the sadism of movies like this dinosaur saga.

rubber imitations

At the exhibition he welcomed us Triceratops Rubber Replicas, with 800 teeth, from Parasorolophos, with his skull the size of a basketball player, from Mayasaura, who ate 100 kilograms of vegetables (rather leaves and berries) a day (an example to follow, no doubt). or those birds pterosaurIt looks small (six meters wide).

They roar and wag their tails, jaws, and necks. It’s easy to stay calm if you connect them to a legendary past, but the blessing comes when you put them next to the Sagrada Família or walk into a Starbucks. This is what we did: Brontosaurus, 25 meters long, as a buildingHe eats the finger of the statue of Columbus. or the Tyrannosaurus Rex 12m tall Chase the CEO and reach the speed of Vespino.

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Then we see a A movie that spares no bloody details. The two-year-olds, who may have been the wildest thing they’ve seen, discover Pocoyo grabbing Pato’s hat, The killer herds eating Brontosaurus. Eat light meals between meals. A little nibble now, but I don’t want to be embarrassed, so I’ll continue tomorrow. until it bleeds. Mine does not want to leave in any way. Because the meteor is waiting. I think we’ve been waiting for the meteor for a long time. There are a lot of signs that advertise this. We will wait together.

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