The English Premier League and its players “face” Boris Johnson

Professional Football Players Association in Premier League Ask for help from the government. What are the last hours of this triple date playoffs Heading to Qatar 2022, the players of the best league in the world “come against” Boris Johnson to be able to be in their clubs as quickly as possible. Whatever the government’s decision, it will spark controversy.

Through a letter addressed to the commander’s residence, the PAF formally requested that the quarantine rules be reviewed, analyzed and changed. For players who leave the UK each month to fight their country for a place in the World Cup. more than 40 footballers, mainly from Africa and South America, are asking the government for help so that they can return as soon as possible to their workplace and family.

Remember, it currently states that everyone who wants to enter the UK must stay in a 10-day quarantine in a Covid hotel to avoid a wave of infection. The situation affects all citizens, as there are Premier League players by position Clubs lose their stars in up to 3 rounds due to this decision.

Controversy is everywhere

This was exactly the case of Emiliano Martinez, Giovanni Lo Celso, Mohamed Salah or Alisson last month., who in some cases had to travel to Croatia before arriving in England to shorten the time. It all comes in context Controversial due to the league’s refusal to loan many of its players until the last playoff match.

The PAF invites for the 40th time those who return to England to go 10-5 days. Although they have the approval of FIFA to request these permits, in the UK they maintain that if Prime Minister Johnson accepts them, the decision will come Controversial and will end up being protests by those who are not footballers. Should governments exclude sports cars?

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