WhatsApp: What is Unfaithful Mode and how do you activate it on your cell phone?

anyway The WhatsApp It has become the most useful tool for communication, the truth is that it lends itself to this Let’s keep some ‘secrets’ in the said app, which you can easily hide so that your partner won’t find out.

Some of the tricks to hide or Discover infidelity

In fact, Thousands and thousands of WhatsApp users, both men and women, They claim that they used this tool to commit their “sins”. Aware of this, the developers of the platform have implemented a new function that will help many to prevent their partners from finding out that they are cheating on them.

Currently, There is the possibility of duplicating the application and managing two different accounts from the same device.

to activate This option is on Android devices You must have WhatsApp installed and have system 10 or higher.

Next, we must check that there are no application or other pending updates. Once you are done with this previous step, you should go to Settings and look for the Advanced Functions option. Within this is the “Dual Messaging” section, where we will have to activate the WhatsApp option which will appear disabled by default.

It will be when Android will ask us if we want to install a second copy of WhatsApp, which “you can use another account with the secondary app”. We accept and click on the install button.

From now on we will have to search for WhatsApp within our applications and we will see how two icons appear, one with an orange logo in the lower right part. This will be the number we need to use to register our new phone number so that from then on we can use it normally and can communicate “informally” with whomever we want.

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