free! The Epic Games Store gives you a great 24 hour action game

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The rumors turned out to be true, so the Epic Games Store this is Give a different address every day To close 2021 with a boom. Thanks to this, players have already been able to obtain copies of Shenmue III s neon abyss.

The good news is that gifting season isn’t over yet, so go to the store now and order another free game. This time it’s The rest: from the ashesA title from Gunfire Games and Perfect World Entertainment that made players feel good after it debuted in 2019.

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Getting it is very simple, because you just have to follow the steps below to add a copy of the game to your Epic Games Store account. Just remember it will be available until 10:00 AM Mexico City time tomorrow.

how to get The rest: from the ashes Free?

  • visit this Link To go to the page The rest: from the ashesOn the Epic Games Store
  • Click the Get button on the right side of the screen
  • A screen will appear with purchase information
  • Click on place order to complete the process

What is that The rest: from the ashes?

In case you don’t know The rest: from the ashes It is a game that contains elements of action and survival in third person mode. It offers you an adventure in a post-apocalyptic world where you will have to face hordes of deadly creatures that will not hesitate to exterminate you.

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The situation is worse than it seems, humanity is on the verge of extinction and various forces of evil, coming from another dimension, are doing their job. So your task will be to investigate the origin of this invasion and find a way to preserve the heritage of humanity.

As a survivor of humanity, you will embark on an adventure alone or in groups of up to 3 players to face hordes of deadly enemies and terrifying ultimate bosses, in order to restore and rebuild what humanity has already lost. Recipe.

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