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Have you used it before? In what context will you use it? Here we explain what the emoji of the hand making the “O” means. It is one of the fast messaging applications that are used by many on their mobile devices such as Android devices such as iPhones. With it, you can send a variety of messages as well as multimedia content including photos, videos, GIFs, funny memes or animated stickers.

Across You can also use the most famous emojis with which you can better express your words and thus avoid misunderstandings. Here we tell you more about it.

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Each of the symbols has a different meaning. Some have a clear explanation, while others require more attention. This is the case of the “O” hand emoji with the fingers.

If you’re using it for other things, we mentioned here that it was completely wrong. Now we will explain in detail what this symbol is so popular .

What does ‘O’ hand emoji mean in WhatsAPP?

In order to know exactly what they mean, it is necessary to go to one of the websites that collects all the emojis in the world: it is .

This encyclopedia of symbols tends to be fairly accurate in terms of meanings. In this way, if you want to use a certain symbol in WhatsApp and do not know what you are going to convey, it is better to use this font.

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This emoji can represent several things, depending on the context you have in your WhatsApp conversations. (Photo: mag)

The hand emoji that forms the letter “O,” according to Emojipedia, is a gesture that shows the index finger and thumb touching to make an open circle. Represents “I’m fine” or “Yes, that’s right/good.”

Whereas in American Sign Language (ASL), the number nine is represented by this gesture. The same hand gesture can be considered offensive in some cultures, including parts of Europe, the Middle East, and South America.

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