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Madam Director:

While Congress has been concerned about quick recess legislation and the Senate president is engaged in a battle with a presidential candidate, the Comprehensive and Progressive Treaty for the Trans-Pacific Partnership — known as the TPP-11 — is building on its laurels. Meanwhile, the executive, lacking greater maneuverability, “hopes” the Senate in March will ratify the agreement as a legislative matter.

For its part, the government of Boris Johnson stated that the United Kingdom has officially requested to join the TPP-11, because according to its own words, the accession will strengthen the relationship with these dynamic economies and that the global economy is increasingly focused on the region. from the Pacific, so they expect to increase their exports to Asia and the Pacific by 65%, which is equivalent to more than 51.5 billion US dollars.

What are the powers of that transatlantic island nation that you think lawmakers are ignoring? It must be remembered that the United Kingdom has a centuries-old tradition of foreign trade and that they are the inheritors of the world’s greatest spirit of commercial freedom and entrepreneurship. At least in this as in many other things, we are not the English of Latin America.

Roger Sepulveda Carrasco

Dean of the University of Santo Tomas (Concepción Campus)

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