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Never stop liking the updates and new functions. Not only does the quick messaging app allow playing voice notes twice as fast, use multi-device mode and even activate disappearing messages, but it just surprised you with the ability to Chats without returning to the inbox, something many call “vacation mode,” which is a great option if you want to “pause” a group for a season and not receive more messages from its members or hide a single private conversation from the main chat list.

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The company has introduced a new section on the Chats page, the “Archived” folder, where you can save conversations you don’t want to be in the main menu. This way conversations can be prioritized in And avoid interruptions of those less important, as they also disable notifications.

How to archive conversations

It is necessary to specify this to implement this trick And to activate the “Keep archived chats” option, which is only available on Android terminals, you should check if you have a new update for The WhatsApp using Google Play. Then do the following:

  • The first thing will be to enter WhatsApp.
  • Then go to Settings on your Android cell phone.
  • There you should go to the chats.
  • In this section under Confirmation reading it says “Archive Chats” or “Keep Chats Archive”.
  • Activate it and your archived chats will not return to your inbox.
  • Even if you have new messages, they will not appear again. You can only read it if you enter the archived messages section.
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Learn how to archive all conversations for life on WhatsApp. (Photo: mag)

How to “Pause” or Hide a WhatsApp Conversation

So-called “leave mode” by some allows you to keep archived messages from groups like work, college mates, and parents, among others. Here we leave you another way to not receive notifications of chats that you archive, whether individual or group, being a great alternative to “pause” for a group Or hide a private conversation from the main chat list, How do From “Xataka Android”.

  • Enter the archived section of The WhatsApp At the top of the chats.
  • Click on the three dots icon, click on “Archive settings” and activate the “Keep archive chats” box.
  • There will be all the individual and group chats that you have archived.

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