Quick Count scored 7 million votes in the 2021 People’s Consultation

He said that these are preliminary results and that the final results of the exercise of direct democracy on Monday will be known.

It is estimated that 7 million 212 thousand 741 citizens voted in the popular consultation, so according to the Federal Law on People’s Consultation, the result of this exercise cannot be considered binding because it does not reach the minimum participation level 40% of the total number of participants. Voters registered in the nominal list of voters nationwide.

The results of the popular consultation.

The national nominal list currently consists of 93 million 597,559 citizens, that is, 40% is equivalent to a target of 37 million 439,023.

Representatives of the opposition parties represented before the General Council criticized the contradiction of the issue of this practice, and the illegal spending, as well as the extensive spread to promote this practice, and for this it was destined to fail. However, they highlighted the importance of democratic participation in the country.

Representative Sergio Gutierrez Luna, who represented Morena at the Horseshoe table, emphasized that every vote adds to participatory democracy.

“The success is in the people who went to vote,” the legislator said, commenting that of the 7.2 million citizens who took part in this exercise, 97% did so for yes.


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