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The first AI is Meta AI, but they are also developing an additional tool with the same technology. Here we will tell you what you need to do to enable it in your account.

WhatsApp Messenger It was limited to sending messages, voice notes, multimedia files and making calls, but since 2023 it has changed radically and now has amazing functions, such as: sharing your smartphone screen during a video call, creating avatars, restoring conversation information to another mobile device without Google Drive, etc. Meta's platform is also developing two new artificial intelligences, what are they and how to enable them? From Depor We will explain it immediately.

The first artificial intelligence is Meta artificial intelligence, is a chatbot that will work independently (as an app) and will also be compatible with WhatsApp, which means you can activate and deactivate it whenever you want. This program will answer questions and search for any information within seconds, in addition, it will allow you to transcribe audio recordings and create images and posters based on texts; On the other hand, the second artificial intelligence is MediationWe will provide technical assistance when you encounter any problem with the application, which is very helpful when all technicians are busy.

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It is important to clarify that with AI support, customers will have the option to seek human help if the AI ​​does not solve their problem. The two tools are currently only available in the WhatsApp beta program for iOS usersDon't worry, here we will tell you how to get this version.

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This is how you can activate the two new WhatsApp AI devices

  • By downloading the Apple App Store .
  • After you installed it, In WhatsApp beta for iOS.
  • You will be referred back to TestFlight.
  • Click “Accept” to obtain the position WhatsApp Beta The installation will begin on your phone.
  • Open the app (it's the same, but converted to beta).
  • As you can see, at the top, next to the camera icon, you'll see the new shortcut for Meta artificial intelligence.
  • It was a good strategy to avoid having to search for the conversation with a chatbot due to the extensive chat history.
Meta AI shortcut preview. (Photo: Mag)
  • To access AI support, tap the Settings icon.
  • The next step is to click on “Helps“.
  • Finally, press “call us“.
  • Go to the description of your problem and artificial intelligence We will respond to you if technicians are not available.
Preview WhatsApp AI support. (Photo: Wapita Info)

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