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The app is developing three new formats, which will go with bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace. More details in the next note.

What is the difference between fonts and text formatting? WhatsApp It includes both features in its instant communication platform: the first is a font with the same design, even for numbers, punctuation, and symbols; On the other hand, the second is usually used to highlight words or phrases (Light Markup Language).

The default font that WhatsApp uses in the messages you send or receive is called “Helvetica Neue”, it cannot be changed, but it can be changed in the states, here you can choose “Arial”, “Times New Roman”, “Future” and so on. The current formats for the Meta app are: “Bold”, “Italics”, “Strikethrough”, and “Monospaced”..

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Each format has its own symbol, in bold you should put the word between two asterisks ; two backslashes (_); cross out two terms (~); and three monospaced serious accents on each side (`). WhatsApp has released other codes for its new formats:Lists, Appointments, and Code Blocks


  • So you can use the three new WhatsApp formats They are not yet available as options and will be tested first in the beta versionWhatsApp
  • .
  • What do you mean as options? Open a conversation > In the text field type a word > Tap on it for a few seconds > It will be highlighted and a small window will be shown > Touch the three dots > Scroll down and you will see bold, italic, strikethrough and single-space formats. They haven’t included the lists, quotes, and code blocks yet, however com. wabetainfo
  • Uncover their codes to use them.
  • Lists: “-word”
  • Quotes: “> word”
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code blocks: “word”.

Preview the new formats. (Photo: Wapita Info)

  • Why should you update WhatsApp on your cell phone?
  • The first reason is that WhatsApp integrates a series of new features in every update.
  • For example, it now has a new design, as well as the ability to edit messages.
  • But your chats can also be blocked.
  • Well, a message will appear saying that you have to update your WhatsApp.
  • Otherwise, calls and video calls, among other services, will be restricted.
  • To do this, just go to Google Play, search for WhatsApp and tap on Update.
  • In case you do not have Google Play on your device, you have to download the APK from their website.

You are probably missing all the news from WhatsApp if you don’t update it today. Did you like this new information aboutWhatsApp ? Did you learn a useful trick? This app is full of new “secrets”, codes, shortcuts and tools that you can keep trying and you just need to enter the following link to get more feedback from WhatsApp

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