La Jornada – Setback for Science and Technology Law Debate

The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) dismissed the new constitutional controversy raised by the Chihuahua government as inappropriate, as it sought to challenge the common law of the humanities, science, technology and innovation.

This is Chihuahua’s second polemic in less than a month against educational reforms; The first challenges the preparation and delivery of free textbooks, the distribution of which was able to stop in that state thanks to the suspension granted by Minister Luis María Aguilar Morales.

In this new trial, also called into question were amendments to the Federal Law on Quasi-Governmental Entities and the Planning Act, all of which were published on May 8, to include the humanities in scientific development and research policies, making its board known today as the National Council for the Humanities, Science, and Technology (NCHST). Conahcyt).

This constitutional debate, recorded in file 354/2023, was promoted by the government headed by PAN member María Eugenia Campos Galván, denouncing the alleged violation of its legal powers.

However, the SCJN noted that the legal reforms challenged in this case refer only to changes in federal agencies, public policies, and budgets, which do not directly affect the legal sphere of state governments.

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