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We usually talk about it The WhatsApp To tell you that they have implemented new features and functionality in the app. Today it is the opposite. The Messaging app You just “killed” the most important job in the world, one of the most important WhatsApp audios. This detail has been in the app for many years and now it is being removed completely without a replacement. The result is that users will now not be able to use this useful function due to the arrival of other rather unimportant details.

Goodbye to WhatsApp audio progress bar

WhatsApp decided Change the progress bar of voice recordings or voice memos. In the public beta, it’s no longer a simple bar with a little circle telling you where to play: it’s now a bar with sound waves. It’s more of a visual change than a functional one, because a good portion of the users wouldn’t mind seeing or not seeing the waves.

What will affect the users is Remove the small circle for tracking. Until now, it was possible to click on that circle and locate it in the voice note to leave it to listen to one or another part of the audio. When this little job disappears It is also removed.

If you are listening to an audio and want to repeat only one part You won’t be able to do it like before. This may not be an audio issue that lasts a few seconds, but in audio it takes several minutes.

The good news is that right now, it’s a job that has only reached WhatsApp public beta. All users can test this change if they have installed the beta version, but it has not reached the stable and official version yet. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before you do that and the job we’re talking about disappears.

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And the The WhatsApp He decided to update the change and make it possible to select the audio region which we don’t know yet. Perhaps in the future we will see that it was implemented after user complaints.

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