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The event was organized at the Faculty of Medicine of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and was held at the Francisco Rosende Convention Center located on the campus of the University of San Joaquin in Santiago.

The main topic of the conferences was how to promote safe psychological environments for learning, students' self-regulation and integration into educational environments. 130 free works were presented that correspond to innovative educational experiments and research.

In the case of the Faculty of Medicine of the Austral University in Chile, it was represented by Academician Elizabeth Flores, Director of the Faculty of Nursing; Jessica Godoy, Nursing Academy and Director of the Office of Health Sciences Education, accompanied by graduates: Camila Aidu Fuentealba and Natalia Ovando Quezada from Nursing and Francisca Cruz from Kinesiology, who presented their thesis and whose sponsorship was led by Professor Jessica Godoy and Professor Manuel Monroy in Kinesiology, respectively. .

The offers made by the College of Medicine were:

Distance learning experience for nursing students, Universidad Austral de Chile with students from a rural school.
Authors: Jessica Godoy-Pozo, Ryan Lankwilf, Gustavo Sanhueza, Elizabeth Flores, Madeline Gutierrez, María Lena Ramos, and Mónica Elisca-Prete (UD la Frontera).

– Developing skills and abilities in cardiopulmonary resuscitation through active learning methodologies for nursing students.
Authors: Alejandra Contreras and Elizabeth Flores

Professional practice in the epidemic: Perspective of nursing trainees at the Austral University of Chile.
Authors: Camila Aidu Fuentealba, Natalia Ovando Quezada, Camila Santibañez, and Jessica Godoy Pozo.

Expected competencies of the clinical teacher from the perspective of students of the Faculty of Medicine at the Austral University in Chile.
Authors: Francisca Cruz, Alexa Arancibia, Carla Antilio, and Manuel Monroy.

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