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It is normal for the photos or videos you send through WhatsApp Lose its original quality, why? Meta’s messaging app usually compresses these files so that they do not take up storage space on your mobile device quickly.

Is there a way to send photos or videos without affecting the resolution? Yes, Share items as a “document”Although it will not be displayed directly in the personal or group chat, the recipient must download and open it from the cell phone gallery.

for this reason, “WhatsApp” develops a function called “HD”, so you can send and even post photos and videos in high resolution in the United States. Be careful, the option will not improve the image quality, but will try to maintain the highest resolution possible.

It is necessary to clarify this “HD” only applies to photos and videos captured using a WhatsApp camera or smartphone; In addition, the file will be compressed to HD if its quality is higher than that (FHD, UHD, 4K, etc.). Please note that the app only allows you to share items up to 2GB in size.

Steps to send photos and videos in high resolution via WhatsApp

  • First, check it out WhatsApp You have no pending updates.
  • Remember that your cell phone camera must capture photos and videos in HD or higher resolutionOtherwise the notice”This media file does not have HD resolution“.
  • Open the application and enter the personal or group chat (also from statuses).
  • Proceed to take a photo or record a video (you can choose a file from the gallery, but taken with your computer camera).
  • Before sending it, the new “HD” tool will appear at the top, click on it.
  • A window will appear, select “HD Quality”.
  • Finally, submit the content.
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How to detect a dangerous link on WhatsApp

  • do not open connection If it is accompanied by a message promising prizes (TVs, mobile phones, video game consoles, etc.), offers and discounts in a particular store.
  • Contact this company via social media and confirm whether it is true or false.
  • Also, do not enter the link if they ask for your personal data or financial information (card numbers, accounts, passwords, etc.).
  • Do not open the link if it is from an unknown user, and remember that there are automatic download links, so it is possible to infect your mobile device with viruses.
  • Another way to detect fake links on WhatsApp It is to verify the URL of the link. If the URL is not from a website you know or if it contains strange characters, it is likely malicious.

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