Call-ups like Quinones’ to the national team, Tata’s legacy

Omar Flores AldanaSeptember 5, 2023 at 00:15 ETReading: 3 minutes.

Julian Quiñones, was well received by the Mexican national team

Cesar Caballero reports on Quinones’ arrival in the Central African Republic’s tri-colour team.

The formula used by Matino allowed Mexico to “link” elements such as Marcelo Flores, Julian Araujo and Efrain Alvarez.

Mexico – at that time Gerardo “Tata” Martinoin leadership Mexican national teamIt has become a norm to invite players who have acting potential to coach them MexicoThis continued for ages Jaime Lozanowith case Julian Quiñones.

Gerardo MartinoAs a coach for Mexican national team“Invitations” were used to bring players with dual citizenship into the project. Under this system, it was possible to secure football players such as Marcelo Flores, Julian Araujo, David Ochoa And Efrain Alvarez.

The way was to invite footballers who had not yet decided which country they would represent. And so he was convinced Marcelo Floreswho had the opportunity to go with Canada, Julian Araujowho changed the federation after already playing for the United States, David Ochoa and Efrain Alvarez, also followed by the Stars and Stripes.

Julián Quiñones participated in the training trio@miseleccionmx

Among the losers Jonathan Gomezthat was Sparring On several occasions in Mexican national teamAnd Ricardo Pepewho was invited but declined the possibility of training with Mexican national team.

This strategy is now used with Julian Quiñonesfront of America He has not yet obtained his naturalization papers and the change in his association with FIFA has not been completed, but he has expressed his desire to act. Mexico Instead of Colombia, his country of origin.

“His desire to defend tripartite He explained: “Although there were other options, and given the few windows available to adapt to the team, Jimmy and his coaching staff decided to begin the process of his integration, both at the football level and at the human level.” Mexican Football Federation.

EntitiesUnlike the players who were invited in the ‘Tata MartinoA decision has already been made, although he will take advantage of the four days he spends at the High Performance Center to learn more Mexican national teams And join the discipline Jaime Lozano.

Invitations to players with the ability to play with them Mexicoa legacy he left behind “Tata Martino.

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