WhatsApp, how to block a contact without realizing it

If you are one of those who use The WhatsApp Most of the day to keep in touch with friends and family but there are some contacts you would prefer to avoid, we tell you How to stop them without them noticing.

This platform is from instant message It is one of the most important sites in the world due to its easy ability to send Messages, photos, videos and make video calls, among other things, easily and simply, without having to pay for it.

WhatsApp, how to block a contact without realizing it. Photo: Reforma

How to prevent a contact from not realizing it

The first thing you should know is that the “normal” option to block a contact may cause the other person to realize that, among other things, they obviously won’t be able to see your profile picture, last contact time, etc.

In the same way, if he wants to contact you, he will not be able to do so, therefore, we tell you a trick with which you can block him without his knowledge since your profile picture, your status will continue to appear, and even you can continue to send messages even if you do not read it.

What you have to do is to mute one or more contact conversations of your choice, one advantage is that this option is available for both individual chats and WhatsApp groups.

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This way, you won’t get notifications for messages they send you, the time you can silence a contact can be for eight hours, a week or even forever, and best of all is that the other person will never be aware of it not showing a message you specify .

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So if there is someone you want to avoid or stop receiving annoying notifications, this option is very useful and without the need for third-party applications. In case you want to receive notifications from the said contact again, you just have to deactivate the option to mute the conversation.

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