Alvaro Morales described Tata Martino with sarcasm and demanded his resignation

Video: Courtesy ESPN

The Technical Director from The Mexican soccer team, Gerardo Martino, He was criticized after the result he got with his team in the qualifying match CONCACAF. National team Fell before his counterpart Canada With a score of 2 to 1. Mexican media and fans criticized the Argentine strategist, concluding that he was primarily responsible for the defeat. In the ninety minutes, others such as Guillermo Ochoa, Jesús Gallardo and Néstor Araujo were mentioned.

this way, Alvaro Morales, who is a mathematical analyst for ESPN, angry at the South American helmsman and gave reasons why he should leave the Triple A bench: “You wouldn’t quit, would you? How ironicAnd How little shame And pride if you follow the players in Europe? we are drowning. And You come to collect the damn check (salary) they give you, one of Louisa Give him the check“.

The criticism came from the order in which it was placed tricolor He had few chances to attack in the match against the Canadians. Where he only got a clear chance to score, while the locals had two and made them concrete. The negative result was also added to the defeat against the United States. Before the double date of FIFA, he led the Mexican team octagon with 14 points, Later it happened to the third step.

Morales continued by derogating: “Tata, you know what you’re doing. You don’t have a mother. But we don’t have her either because we still trust you.”

The Mexican soccer team lost to Canada 2-1 (Image: Twitter / @miseleccionmx)

Likewise, at the end of the game he uploaded a video on his media platform, in which he asserted that Mexicans do not like to lose: We Mexicans don’t like to lose against the United States, It hurts us to lose against who he is. We are in a mess. You don’t sell us smoke. stammerAnd Stop seeing our faces“.

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Now, eight days later I played Canada Leading the contest with 16 units, from their side United State You have 15 and Mexico 14. fourth is Panama with the same 14 But with a smaller goal difference No Del Tre.

In the previous period, with Juan Carlos Osorio In command, the Mexican national team went to the World Cup Russia 2018 “Walking”. The last time something similar happened was to Germany 2006 World Cup With Ricardo Antonio La Volpe. Between those years there was a parade of technical directors like Hugo Sanchez, Jose Manuel Chebo de la Torre, Jesus Ramirez, Miguel Herrera, Sven-Goran Ericsson; Victor Manuel Vucic, among others.

Mexico topped 14 points in the CONCACAF octagon bound for Qatar 2022 (Photo: Walter Taichnowicks/Reuters)
Mexico topped 14 points in the CONCACAF octagon bound for Qatar 2022 (Photo: Walter Taichnowicks/Reuters)

The CONCACAF awarded three and a half tickets to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Half of the pass is drawn for a play-off against a country from another continent. At the moment, it is unknown who might be the nation in which this survival could be gambled.

There are six games left to play in the Central American Octagon. Of these hexagrams, five will be performed at home by the Aztec team. For now, at the end January and early February will be given a triple date where you will visit Jamaica And you will receive a Costa Rica and Panama. Home games should be played without people, because FIFA punished For the tricolor team due to homophobic shouts against the goalkeeper in the match against Canada at the Azteca Stadium.

At the moment, there are already teams ranked for the World Cup as follows: Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, England and France, among other things.

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